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Friday in the Future…

by  in Comic News Comment
Friday in the Future…

Today, as I write this, it’s December of 2011.

I know. Duh. But think about it for a moment in terms of pop culture.

That means we are thirty-six years past 1975… the date of the end of the world in The Omega Man.

We are thirty-two years past 1979… the date of the suspended-animation experiment that put Dylan Hunt to sleep for 154 years in Genesis II.

1982 was the first year of the Seaview‘s regular patrol of the Pacific Ocean, where Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane, and the rest of the crew averted any number of natural disasters, alien invasions, and supernatural menaces that threatened the existence of the human race.

It was back in 1983 that the sub-orbital passenger ship Spindrift was lost in a space anomaly somewhere in mid-flight between Los Angeles and London…

Speaking of space anomalies, 1987 is when Captain Anthony “Buck” Rogers disappeared into one while piloting the shuttle Ranger III.

It was way back in 1990 that Luther Manning awoke in a hellish post-apocalyptic landscape as the cyborg Deathlok the Demolisher.

Of course, 1992 was the first year of the eight-year drought that followed the 1988 famine… or “The End,” as described in Sabre.

The Eugenics Wars raged from 1993 to 1996, ending with Khan Noonien Singh and a few of his followers fleeing the planet in the experimental sleeper ship Botany Bay.

What’s more, the environmental collapse of 1982 eventually led to the Bionic Wars in the 1990s, resulting in the nuclear devastation of western Canada in 1995. That’s right around the time young Vance Astrovik embarked on the first official manned flight to another star system, also in a sleeper ship.

1996, of course, was “the Year of the Domino,” when everything went to hell.

1997 was the year of the ill-fated launch of the Jupiter 2, the Robinson family’s research vessel that went missing and was presumed “lost in space.”

2001 was the year the deep-space research ship Discovery under the command of Dave Bowman was lost with all hands somewhere around the orbit of Jupiter…

It was also the first year of the second Martian invasion.

Last year, 2010, was the year Dr. Heywood Floyd led a combined U.S.-Soviet mission to the moons of Jupiter in hopes of salvaging the space vessel Discovery and reactivating its sentient computer system HAL 9000, to find out what exactly had happened to commander Dave Bowman.

Quite a list, isn’t it?

I was seven and a half when we landed on the moon in 1969. Now it’s almost Christmas of 2011, forty-two years later, and I’ve grown up with all that future history.

And I still don’t have my goddamn jetpack.

Granted, I’m not living as a human fugitive from the Martian invaders, or shooting feral mutants that are trying to get at our food supply, or any of that stuff, either.

…but I still want the jetpack. And the lunar settlement. And Pan Am commercial flights to the space station. And all the rest of it. My generation got robbed.

Bah humbug.

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