Friday hit-and-run

I'm hoping to have a real column up later today or possibly tomorrow... you have no idea how crippling it is to try and function as a freelancer without a home office. It's coming up on two months now without a working home computer/net connection and I'm really ready for this aggravation to be over. (Insert lengthy rant/whine here about dealing with internet providers and bids and so on.)

But I sneaked on to a terminal at work briefly because I DID want to remind you once again of the ultra-cool "Comixtravaganza!!" event happening tomorrow at the Seattle Central Library. Workshops, panels, all sorts of awesome. The keynote speaker is Ellen Forney. And of course this panel...

Hopefully we should have quite a few of the Cartooning students there too, giving out our hot-off-the-presses 2008 promotional ashcan. Drop by if you're in town. The festivities start at two PM at the Central Branch on 4th and Spring. Hope to see you there!

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