"Freshmen II" #1.5 Available Online Now!

Official Press Release

Top Cow Productions announced today a special holiday gift for fans of the popular Freshmen series. The series, co-created by Seth Green (Family Guy, Robot Chicken) and Hugh Sterbakov (Robot Chicken), is in the midst of a second mini-series following last year's successful initial six issue mini-series. In another unique move, Top Cow and co-creator/writer Sterbakov are offering original and exclusive sequential content for fans of the series online for free. Sterbakov is joined by newcomer artist, C.E. Sutherland III. The special supplemental material, entitled Freshmen II #1.5 is available through the official Freshmen website, www.freshmencomic.com. The online issue expands the stories of a number of the characters in the Freshmen group, including The Drama Twins and Puppeteer, and offers fans a closer look at their relationships.

"This story is a stopgap between issues #1 and #2, and it develops a subplot that explores the relationship between Brady and Renee through Annalee's powers. It's a simple, quiet story featuring just a couple of our kids, and it'll reveal the finer details of a shortcut we're taking in developing the plot between the first two issues.", commented writer and co-creator, Hugh Sterbakov.

"Seth and Hugh have always been really involved and active in promoting the Freshmen", said Filip Sablik, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, "So when Hugh approached us about expanding the story for fans and giving them an original reading experience for free, we naturally gave him a big thumbs up".

"You won't need to have read this story to pick up Freshmen II #2, but it will set you ahead in terms of understanding where Brady, Renee and even Annalee are coming from in this series. Plus, it's free! Everyone loves free things", added an enthusiastic Sterbakov.

Seth Green and Hugh Sterbakov will be appearing at Atomic Comics in Phoenix, AZ on December 13th. For additional details on the signing and directions to the Chandler location as well as an interview with Green and Sterbakov, fans can go to www.atomiccomics.com. The official Freshmen comic website is www.freshmencomic.com and additional information on the series can be found at www.topcow.com. Freshmen #1 is currently available for free at www.drunkduck.com/Freshmen.

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