French comic about time travel, true love eyes U.S. audience

What if you went your entire life went without meeting your true love, and you only found it due to a time-travel accident? And what if your job was to eliminate these kinds of accidents? Would you fix the timestream or fix yourself up with your true love?

That's the story of The Infinite Loop by Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier, which debuts next month in France -- but the creators are already looking toward an American release. The duo was at New York Comic Con earlier this month to drum up interest in the six-issue series from English-language publishers.

"The story, which delves into feminism and LGBT's fight for equality, was born from our desire to express our feelings about inequalities towards same sex couples," the creators explain on their website. "To give our point of view on the struggle to blossom when you are forbidden to love freely, and the adversity you must face."

Thanks to the their crowdfunding campaign exceeding their expectations, the two hired Stephanie Hans to draw the covers, but Charretier's own art is just as polished and evocative in its own way. Channeling early-period Steve Rude with page composition of George Perez, Charretier really stands out -- despite this being her first comic. Here's a preview:

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