'Freemind' signed to Energy Entertainment

Press Release

Future Comics' Editor-In-Chief Bob Layton announced today that the

California-based Energy Entertainment has entered into a deal with

Future to bring their android adventurer, FREEMIND, to the big screen.

"We're extremely excited to have ENERGY on board." stated Layton,

adding that, "-- this project seems to be on the fast track for

development. I don't find this deal all that surprising, considering

that we, David Michelinie, Dick Giordano and I, created every one of

our Future Comics characters to translate easily into other media."

Daniel Alter, who is spearheading the comics management division for

Energy said, "The concept behind FREEMIND just hits you on the head

as an idea for a great film. And it's hard not to geek-out when I'm

speaking to Bob and David on the phone about the title and what

the 'take' on the film will be. I've been a fan of these guys from

IRON MAN to Valiant Comics and titles like X-O MANOWAR. Future Comics

is going to leave an indelible mark on the film industry and we're

extremely happy to be involved with them."

Marketing and Distribution V.P. Allen Berrebbi added, "The Spider-Man

movie's success proved that the average moviegoer, not just comic

book readers, enjoy the super-hero genre-- as long as they are

credible characters that they can relate to, care about and root for.

The Future Universe line is based on that very theme. Because of that

core concept (characterization), along with our well-written

premises, I have always believed that our heroes are extremely well-

suited for TV and film adaptations. I am glad to see that Hollywood

recognizes that as well."

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