10 Things Freeform Changed About Cloak & Dagger From The Comics

Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger has been a fascinating (and well received) adaptation of these two lesser-known Marvel characters. But one has to wonder, just how much did Freeform change? Are these characters closer to being like they were in the comics, or were they more of a creation of Freeform’s?Cloak & Dagger currently has two seasons available for fans to watch – but there’s a third on the way. That’s proof that the series has been holding its audience’s attention. Now let’s learn a bit more about these characters and the changes made to them.

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10 No Cameos


One of the smaller changes to the series – but still a notable one – is the distinct lack of cameos in the television series. In the comics, Clock & Dagger are almost always working alongside a team or helping another superhero solve something. These appearances included Spider-Man, the Runaways, and many other well-loved series.

But the television series hasn’t had any of this. It’s likely due to the desire to have these characters be the main focus of the series. Though it could also be a licensing issue. If that’s the case, maybe something will change in the future.

9 The Focus

cloak and dagger tv

Tandy and Tyrone have historically been given their own series in the past. However, their best know appearances were all in other series. Meaning that these two fascinating characters weren’t the main focus. Which is a shame. In fact, Cloak & Dagger’s first appearance was in a Spider-Man issue – not their own.The change here is pretty self-explanatory. The writers and directors for this series wanted Ty and Tandy to be the main characters. So they did what they had to do in order to make that work. And the end result has been the talk of the town.

8 Their Location

Cloak and Dagger TV Aubrey Joseph Olivia Holt

One of the larger changes to the series had to be the location. In the comics, Cloak & Dagger were based in Ellis Island. There’s a very specific reason for that, and it had everything to do with the reason they were created (both in and out of character).

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However, New York is sort of being overrun with superheroes, and the directors behind Cloak & Dagger wanted these two to stand out. So they moved our young heroes to New Orleans. This resulted in a few other changes, naturally, but they were all for the best.

7 Crime Fighters


The reasons for fighting have changed in both significant and subtle ways, between the comics and the television series. In the comics, Tandy and Ty were going after drug dealers – and they had a very personal reason for doing so.In the television series, our young heroes are also fighting crime, but it’s of a more organized sort. They’re becoming closer to what one would expect of vigilantes, in a way. Again, they’re doing this for personal reasons. But the reasons have changed.

6 Roxxon

Roxxon is a company that comic book and movie fans alike may recognize. It’s okay if you don’t, but it does require some explaining. They’re basically the big bad company in all things Marvel. They’re slimy, complete with a corrupt CEO, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to increase profits and get what they want.Roxxon wasn’t exactly a common enemy for Cloak & Dagger in the comics. Sure, they probably didn’t like the company. But they weren't butting heads with their either. However, in the television series this company has made its role known. They’re the enemies – sometimes subtle, sometimes outright. But they’re always there.

5 Their Family

Cloak and Dagger X-Men

In the comics, Cloak & Dagger are runaways – meaning that their parents aren’t in the picture. However, the television series goes a different route with the parental situation. Tyrone’s parents are still very much in the picture – constantly fretting about him and doing their best by him. There’s an added complication in the family dynamics, since Ty’s older brother was killed by the police.

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Meanwhile, Tandy’s mother is still around. Tandy is still somewhat a runaway – just not all the time. Her mother turned to drugs and alcohol when her husband (Tandy’s father) passed away, and things have been rough for this little family ever since.

4 Personal Tragedies

cloak and dagger parallel lives promo

Both Tandy and Tyrone had reasons for wanting to become their superhero counterparts, Cloak & Dagger. However, their reasons have changed ever so slightly between the two series. As you may have guessed, their origins had a lot to do with their reasoning and motivations.

In the television series, Tandy and Tyrone are both driven to get answers and justice. Tyrone witnessed his brother’s death from the hands of a corrupt cop. He then witnessed the cover-up of that very killing. Meanwhile, Tandy still doesn’t understand everything that happened about her father, but she knows that Roxxon is hiding something. Together these two begin a quest to find what they need – and make it right.

3 Reversing The Stereotypes

Cloak And Dagger

The writers and directors behind Freeform’s adaptation of Cloak & Dagger made some very dramatic changes to the characters, but with good reason. You see, they swapped a lot of what was happening on a personal level between the two characters. Tandy went from being an affluent teenager to a thief and a runaway. While Tyrone went from a troubled teen with a dangerous past, to a teen whose parents are doing everything they can for him.

The reason they made these changes is pretty clear. They wanted to break away from the expected racial and gender stereotypes and tell a whole new story. One that was both interesting and respectful.

2 Their Origin

Marvel's Cloak and Dagger

The origin story for our two heroes changed fairly dramatically between both versions. In the comics, Tandy and Tyrone came into their powers after being tested on by drug lords. Something in the new drugs they were forcibly given changed them into the superheroes we know them as.

Meanwhile, Tandy and Tyrone in the television series were exposed to some dangerous chemical that got dumped into the water supply. The distinction doesn’t seem like a major one, but it is. The secondary explanation took the time to walk us through the whole story, even going so far as to give us a source of the chemicals: Roxxon.

1 The Divine Pairing

Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger did more than change the backstory and motivations for our characters. They changed the iconography of them. They went from being two heroes who worked well together, to two heroes that are dynamically linked.The Divine Pairing tells a story of two heroes that are linked and foretold. It adds the sense of a higher power at work, and a whole lot more weight to the characters and their ultimate goals. The implications are clear, so we can understand why the creative team added this element.

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