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Freedom 3 to go after Osama bin Laden in May

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Freedom 3 to go after Osama bin Laden in May

Official Press Release

MOHAWK, NY- February 21, 2006- TightLip Entertainment is set to publish the most politically explosive comic book ever produced, Freedom 3 #1. Publisher Rick Olney today released the comic book cover for Freedom 3. The image depicts the super hero Globe, a member of the United States Marine Corp’s secret unit Freedom 3, punching Osama bin Laden in the face.

In fact, the cover of Freedom 3 pays homage to the most recognized Captain America cover. The Joe Simon and Jack Kirby Captain America #1 cover (March 1941, National Comics) shows the red, white and blue clad Captain America punching Adolf Hitler in the face.

The Freedom 3 cover drives home the parallel between World War II’s Adolf Hitler and today’s al-Qaida’s Osama bin Laden. “During this day, when times are just as turbulent as when 1940 led America into tough times; it becomes every American’s responsibility to not lose sight of what makes freedom special”, Rick Olney, the writer and publisher of Freedom 3 said.

Freedom 3 is about three United States Marines that are injected with a serum identified as the “Freedom” serum, enabling each Marine to take on characteristics and abilities allowing for various changes in their efforts to serve under the United States Constitution.

Globe (who is a creature of the earth), Eagle (a mute telepath with wings), and Anchor (has a fiery side that can burn and touch a person’s soul, and granite like viral touch that initially simply stalls people) makes up the Freedom 3 USMC special unit. “The recently awakened members of Freedom get handed an assignment no Marine would refuse; to hunt down and capture Osama bin Laden!” said Rick Olney.

Freedom 3 is penciled by Jim (One Shot Press, Trinity Comics) Taylor, didn’t know if he was up to the task. “First off, I was a bit daunted, I mean, taking on a cover of legends in the field like Kirby and Simon? But I totally understood where Rick (Olney) was coming from as far as the intent of the cover, and the relevance of it in today’s world experience.”

While on the other hand, Freedom 3 colorist; Dash (Savage Dragon: GodWar, SuperPatriot: War on Terror, Outlaw Scorn 3030 AD) Martin was totally pumped about the book. “It’s about time someone did it. No sense in modern stories STILL revolving around Hitler when we have a current real world baddie.”

TightLip Entertainment Creative Director and Freedom 3 inker, Jeff (Faust, Night Vision, Leatherface, Jack the Lantern, Big Bang Comics, FemForce) Austin realized that, “Patriotic covers have a long tradition in comics.” TightLip Entertainment will continue the tradition in the new millennium. Jeff Austin is excited about what is on the cover, but he’s also overjoyed about what isn’t on the cover. “No bar codes on covers,” he said. “Correcting 30 years of stupidity in the field… It was a mistake to slap a big bar code on the cover. It blunted the impact of the image.”

The three-issue hunt for Osama bin Laden starts in May, when the book will ship, with the story arc “What Price Freedom”. The 28-page full color comic book will retail for $2.95. Freedom 3 will be available for pre-orders for both consumers and retailers starting April 15, 2006, from TightLip Entertainment’s web site,, which will launch on the same date.

TightLip Entertainment is an independent publisher committed to creating and offering the general reading public a variety of genres and styles in our books and online adventures.
We plan to include both new talent and longtime legends in the industry, as we seek to entertain.

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