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FreeComics.com Mailer

Volume 4, Number 16

Monday October 21, 2002

* FreeComics.com - We got yer rally monkey right here!

At the plushly appointed offices of FreeComics.com Global Headquartershere in Southern California (or as we like to call it SoCal) we've got Angelsfever! For those of you not in the know, the Major League World Seriesis taking place in our backyard right now, just south and inland a bit inAnaheim! As we right this the game is tied in the seventh and whata slug fest it's been! We're hoping our Angels from SoCal knock thoseGiants from NoCal on their butts!

Now, onto business. It's that time again, your chance to enter thecontest at FreeComics.com. Remember, you get to enter once everyseven days. As long as you haven't made an entry within the lastseven days it's time for you to get to it!

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The FreeComics Staff

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