Free Swag on Ho Chi Minh's Birthday!

Yes, it's Ho Chi Minh's birthday today - he would have been 106 today! It's also Joey Ramone's birthday, Pete Townshend's birthday, Malcolm X's birthday, and Pol Pot's birthday (boo!). It's also my birthday. Yippee! I turn 35 today, which means I'm old. Okay, not old, but I feel old. It also means that I remember buying comics when you could give the clerk a single piece of green paper with George Washington's picture on it and receive a comic book in exchange and get change. I know - sit down and catch your breath for a second! Phew, that's quite the head rush!

In celebration of my natal-versary, I'm giving stuff away! I have in my possession a copy of The Nightmarist, which the fine folk at Active Images (I assume Richard Starkings had something to do with it) sent me not long ago. It is written and drawn by Duncan Rouleau, and is a fine graphic novel. I reviewed it in this post (trust me, it's there), and Rouleau himself stopped by to say hello. Our Lord High Cronin dug it too, in case you don't trust my impeccable taste. Broken Frontier really liked it, too, if that's your thing. Anyway, I'm giving it away, so it could be crap and you'd want it! Free = Desirable! It's the American Way!

So I'm having a contest. Now, unlike my last contest, this will not depend upon my opinion of your mad skillz. This will be cold hard scoring! Here's the game:

Below I have posted twenty-five (25) panels/pages from certain comic books. Some are wildly famous, and some are pretty darned obscure. I want you to identify them. That's not so hard, is it? I would like you to tell me:

1. The name and issue number of the comic book in which the panel appears. Yes, I want the issue number!2. The name of the writer.3. The name of the penciller. Don't worry about the inker - they're just tracers, after all!

Each answer is separate, therefore the total number of points is 75. Each correct answer will give you one point. The person with the most points wins. Simple, right? I want the issue number because if you happen to see a certain Caped Crusader, I don't want you to just say, "It's Batman!" I want you to say, "That's Batman #612 with that totally awesome fight between Batman and Superman!" Flex those comic book geek muscles, geeks!

There is one exception. I don't need an issue number for #8. The reasons are my own!!!!

If you want a free copy of The Nightmarist, e-mail me with your answers. It's Friday, so let's set the deadline on Monday. By the end of the day on Monday, have your answers. That should give you enough time to hang out in your garage flipping through your long boxes! Have fun!

Number One.

Number Two.

Number Three.

Number Four.

Number Five.

Number Six.

Number Seven.

Number Eight.

Number Nine.

Number Ten.

Number Eleven.

Number Twelve.

Number Thirteen.

Number Fourteen.

Number Fifteen.

Number Sixteen.

Number Seventeen.

Number Eighteen.

Number Nineteen.

Number Twenty.

Number Twenty-One.

Number Twenty-Two.

Number Twenty-Three.

Number Twenty-Four.

Number Twenty-Five.

Remember: issue number, writer, penciller. 75 points are there to be had! If you don't know the issue number but recognize the artist, that's one point! If you don't know the artist but think you know the writer, send it along! If you don't know the creative team but are sure you know the issue number, that's another point! You don't need to get every part of the answer correct! How cool is that?

So, again, e-mail me by close of business on Monday. Good luck!

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