From Depression-era detective tales to high science fiction adventure and from the very first romance comics to straight shootin' Westerns, virtually no genre in comics was left untapped by the legendary creative partnership of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Of course, many for many fans of the medium and the artists

That's why today, September 29, Titan Books has released "The Simon and Kirby Superheroes" - an all-new 480-page hardcover omnibus reprinting some of the pair's most iconic creator-owned super stories. From their early entries in the genre like "The Black Owl" to some of their most recognizable later collaborations like "The Fly" and "The Fighting America," the collection covers the entire Simon-Kirby career and also features an introduction by Neil Gaiman.

To introduce fans to the depth of material in the book, Titan has provided CBR with two full entries from the ground-breaking team's new collection: first up comes a previously unpublished story from 1946's Harvey-published "Stuntman" series, "Stuntman Smashes Rest Camp For Criminals." After that, we fast-forward ahead to 1959 with the story "The Ultra-Sonic Spies" from "The Double Life of Private Strong" #2 - Simon and Kirby's reinvention of Archie's The Shield - which has never before been reprinted.

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