Free kids' comic from Wowio

Wowio has a nice little promotion going on: Once a month, they offer a free graphic novel e-book. This month's choice is Gary the Pirate, by Scott Christian Sava, and to get it, you just have to go to Wowio's Facebook page and "like" them—you can download the PDF straight from the page with no muss, no fuss, no DRM.

Gary the Pirate is a cute story about a klutzy pirate (he knocks over a whole row of pirate ships early in the book) and a girl who isn't quite ready to grow up yet. There are some tender moments and a battle between pirate ships in the sky. The art has a Disneyesque feel to it, and it's definitely a kid comic—there are no sophisticated asides for the grownups. But it's great to have on your computer or iThing if there are going to be young folks in danger of getting bored over the holiday season.

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