Free First Issues!!

I am pretty sure I hyped this when it was first announced, but I'll be honest...

A. I forgot about it since then


B. I did not know they were actually constantly updating it,

but Image Comics has, on their website here, an AWESOME selection of first issues that you can read for FREE from their website.

Some of them are pretty obvious (I mean, if you have not already given Fell or Casanova a chance, you really ought to), but a couple of recent faves of mine are available on the site, particularly Jay Faerber's old-fashioned fun (with Mahmud A. Asrar artwork) with Dynamo 5 #1 and Rick Spears' trippy Pirates of Coney Island #1 (drawn by Vasilis Lolos).

Not to mention Richard Starkings and Moritat's Elephantmen and Keiron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's Phonogram!

Just do yourself a favor and check this site out! Free GOOD comic books!!! Here is the link again!

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