Free Comic Book Day title to feature Langridge and Samnee's <i>Thor: The Mighty Avenger</i>

"Is it worth my time to hope that Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee are the creative team for “Thor & Captain America: The Mighty Avengers?” If not, is it possible that Marvel could make this happen?"

--ryan, in the comments section of Kevin's post yesterday about the "Silver" titles for this year's Free Comic Book Day

Yes, ryan, there is a Santa Claus.

"You want some more Thor: The Mighty Avenger? You want some Cap? You want it for free??? DONE! :D," artist Chris Samnee posted on Twitter yesterday.

According to the Free Comic Book Day site, Thor & Captain America: The Mighty Avengers is indeed by Samnee and writer Roger Langridge -- meaning issue #8 of Thor: The Mighty Avenger won't be the last time we see the pair collaborate on the character.

Update: Chris Samnee posts his cover creation process for the book on his blog.

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