Free Comic Book Day Banners Available to retailers at cost

Official Press Release

Crest Hill, IL- Due to the success of last years Free Comic Book DaySignage program, Joliet Pattern is pleased to announce that they willonce again be producing signage to help comic retailers promote theevent this year. Joliet Pattern, an award winning printer andpoint-of-purchase display company, has once again teamed up with DiamondComic Distributors to provide a low-cost, print-to-order banner program.This year's items include a horizontal 2' x 12' banner and a 4' x5'vertical banner emblazoned with the new, purple and black, Free Comic Book Daylogo, the event date and web site address. The response to last yearsprogram has also allowed Joliet Pattern to reduce the cost to retailerseven more. This year's banners are being sold at cost to retailers foronly $76 each- less than half the normal retail price for items of this kind.

"The purpose of Free Comic Book Day is to draw the general public intothe stores and show them what the industry has to offer. Retailers whotook advantage of this program last year had great success in alertingthe public about the event and driving traffic into their stores" statedErik Enervold, Art Director of Joliet Pattern and initiator of the FCBDsignage program. "We're thrilled to once again be involved with theevent and we hope that our small part can help retailers make this years event even bigger, better and more successful than the first. We're also pleased that we can make the program even more affordable for retailers." he added.

The banners are produced with state-of-the-art digital printingequipment which allows the company to produce short run graphics veryquickly and cost effectively directly from computer files. Thisequipment eliminates the costly film, material, production and set-upcosts associated with traditional printing and offers vibrant colors.All banners are printed on heavy duty vinyl and will be finished offwith sewn edges and brass grommets for hanging. Joliet Pattern will betaking and filling orders as received and shipping each order directlyto retailers. Working on good faith, the company will extend terms ofpayment Net 30 days to retailers participating in this program and willsend invoices after each order ships. An informational web page has beenset up to offer more details and to help facilitate orders at:http://www.comicartsonline.org/fcbd.html.

In addition to the two standard banners, the company points out thatcustom sizes, imprints or other items are available. "Digital printingallows us to quickly produce one-of-a-kind graphics, so if retailerwould like to add his store logo or graphics promoting and in-storesigning or event it can be accomplished very easily. We are able toprint banners 10' wide by over 100' foot long, so if a retailer needs aspecial size that is not a problem either." explained Enervold. "We canalso do many other items as well, such as corrugated signs, windowclings, floor graphics, stickers and more." Additional charges may apply for custom orders so interested retailers should call ahead for pricing.

To place an order, or to obtain more information, contact Erik Enervoldby phone at: 815/726-5373, by fax at 815/722-8984 or by email at graphicsdept@jolietpattern.com.For more information visit the web page at:http://www.comicartsonline.org/fcbd.html.

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