Free Comic Book Day 2003 Plans Revealed

[Free Comic Book Day]Last May on the weekend of the big "Spider-Man" film release the comic industry celebrated by throwing Free Comic Book Day. Retailers across the country joined in by opening up their stores and actively encouraging everyone and anyone to come inside, look around and pick up some free comics. According to Diamond Comics Distributors more than 2 million comic books were given away in over 2,000 retail outlets. The event was considered a total success which has paved the way for part two.

Diamond has announced that the second Free Comic Book Day has been set for Saturday, May 3rd of 2003 to coincide with the release of "X2," the latest X-Men movie. Once again, publishers throughout the industry will offer up samples of their own material to give to the public at large. Diamond released details on the comics that would be made available by each publisher.

GOLD SPONSORS (new or reprint editions that will be in every participating store)

SILVER SPONSORS (Check with individual retailers for availability of these new or reprint editions)

  • A-Bomb ("Landis #0")
  • Alternative Comics ("Peanutbutter & Jeremy #4," "Alternative Comics Anthology")
  • Avatar ("Avatar Graphic Novel Sampler")
  • Broken Tree ("Big Bad #1," "Superheroes Inc. #1")
  • Dork Storm Press ("The Best of Dork Storm #1")
  • Keenspot ("Keenspace.com 2003," "Keenspot Sampler 2003")
  • Oni Press ("Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things", "Skinwalker #1")
  • Second to Some ("Christa's 100% Guaranteed How-To Manual For Getting Anyone To Read Comic Books!")
  • Slave Labor Graphics ("Slave Labor Stories")

Also participating are the following Bronze Sponsors, who have donated free quantities of previously published titles to the event: Angry Dog Press, Colburn Comics, Colonia Press, CPM Manga, Humanoids, Insight Studios, Landwaster Books, Lone Star Press, NBM, Sharkbait Press, Studio Foglio, Terra Major, and Top Shelf.

More information on the event will be released in the coming months. For the latest news and notes on Free Comic Book Day you can visit the official Web site at www.FreeComicBookDay.com.

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