Freddie E. Williams II named as new "Robin" artist for DC Comics

Official Press Release

Freddie E. Williams II, a member of Chimaera Studios,(www.chimaerastudios.com ) has beentapped as the new ongoing artist for Robin, by Peter Tomasi at DC Comics.

Freddie, who has worked on many titles with Chimaera Studios (Wargod,Lonebow, Chance Of A Lifetime, Project Eon) began his new DC career witha call from Tomasi asking if he would be interested in finishing theMister MIracle Seven Soldiers mini-series. He of course accepted and didwell. He was then offered a fill-in issue of Aquaman which led to hisnew run on Robin.

Freddie is excited to draw Robin during this crazy time for the heroesof the DCU. Robin has a new costume and a new attitude in this series,taking place one year after the Crisis.

For moe information, check out Freddie's site at:http://freddieart.homeip.net/

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