Fred Van Lente to write new <i>Avengers</i> series

Incredible Hercules co-writer Fred Van Lente announced this morning on Twitter that he's penning an Avengers title that debuts in November. He's just not saying what it is.

"When it's announced, I think you'll agree it's the most 'Van Lentean' Avengers title ever," he wrote. "They've been New, Mighty, Young, Dark, West Coast, Great Lakes, Initiative, Academy, Prime ... What could be next? What?"

Guesses have ranged from Euro-vengers and Disney Avengers to Avenging Avengers and Deadpool Avengers. None of those is correct, but neither, perhaps unfortunately, is Great Lakes Avengers. This is a new Avengers title (lowercase "new").

"I'm really flattered all you guys think I'd be perfect for Great Lakes Avengers," Van Lente tweeted. "Oh, wait. No I'm not. [...] Kidding, GLA fans. Never read 'em, sure they're great."

Van Lente's comic will bring the total number of monthly Avengers titles to six five. In addition, there's the Children's Crusade bimonthly maxiseries, plus countless miniseries and one-shots. Presumably we'll learn the title of the new series in two weeks at Comic-Con International.

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