Fred Van Lente Day: The First Five Pages of Renaissance Chapter 1

Here's the man himself, Fred Van Lente, letting you know what you need to know about his upcoming project, Renaissance...

RENAISSANCE is among the most challenging and ambitious projects I've ever attempted, and I'm happy to be joined by triple-threat artist Sarah Oleksyk (Oni's "Ivy") on art chores. It's a story about the intertwined friendships and rivalries between legends like Machiavelli, Leonard da Vinci, Michelangelo, the Borgias, and, most importantly, Lisa del Giocondo, who will become one of the most famous women in history. It's also about how one of the most vicious and brutal periods in history could produce some of the most beautiful pieces in the annals of art (with apologies to Harry Lime).

Sarah and I are hip-deep in the middle of this massive epic; she's got a third inked and is coloring the second chapter now; once we're about 50% done in mid-2012 we're going to start posting it for free at http://renaissancethecomic.com/ (now live, but not much there).

But there's no harm in sharing the first scene of the first chapter, in which we meet our heroine, the woman who will become the Mona Lisa -- as well as some other important folks.

RENAISSANCE is copyright (c) 2011 Sarah Oleksyk & Fred Van Lente.

Read on to see the beautiful pages from Van Lente and Oleksyk...

Did that whet your appetite? Come back in 2012 to http://renaissancethecomic.com/ to see the whole saga unfold!

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