Celebrate Fred Van Lente Day a Day Early with a Chat on Tuesday at 4pm!

It's almost that most wonderful time of the year - Fred Van Lente Day!

Every year, Comics Should Be Good celebrates the holiday by inviting readers to have an online chat with the awesome comic book writer, Fred Van Lente (who you might know from, oh, a gazillion cool comic books over the past decade or so).

Come by CBR's front page on Tuesday, December 4th at 4pm Eastern time to get a link to the chat! It's two days ahead of FVL Day so that we could have the chat transcript posted on Fred Van Lente Day proper! We wanted to let you all know about it ahead of time so you could make sure to schedule it into your busy Fred Van Lente Day holiday schedule!

Fred's co-writer on Eat Fighter, Crystal Skillman, will probably also be a part of the chat!

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