Freaky Friday: The T.S. Sullivant edition

Because we don't want you to spend all of today working ...


Kicking off this week's Freaky Friday, we turn to the ASIFA, which offers a plethora of cartoons by the turn of the century artist T. S. Sullivant.

Want to see a Bryan Lee O'Malley version of Kitty Pryde? Of course you do.


Derik Badman shares an abstract comic.

Greylock Arts is hosting a Webcomics exhibit, curated by John Mitchell.

Sarah MacIntyre writes a letter to David Lasky and then turns it into a comic.

What if the Frank Frazetta Conan met the Barry Windsor-Smith Conan? Jack Jackson pondered such a question back in the day. Here's what he came up with.

Hey, remember Leisure Town? I loved that comic back in the day. (via)

Jesse Moynihan has a new Webcomic up entitled Forming.


Hans Rickheit has created a preview Web site for his forthcoming book The Squirrel Machine, to be published this year by Fantagraphics.

Here's a Web site devoted to listing and reviewing all the comics that deal with medical themes or plot points.



This may well be the only "Watchman" product tie-in I'd buy. Well ok, not really, but still it's the coolest I've seen yet. (via)

But perhaps you'd prefer some Junko Mizuno condoms instead.

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