Freaky Friday: The Noel Sickels edition

Once again with the art and the strips and the funny stuff and the hey-nonny-noo ...


Before he revolutionized the look of comic strips in Scorchy Smith, Noel Sickels was an editorial cartoonist for a short time. Here are just a few of his contributions to the art form. (more can be found here and here and here.)

ASIFA has posted a plethora of work by the 19th century-cartoonist Eugene Zimmerman, better known as "Zim."

I found this assortment of Berni Wrightson's unpublished layouts for his section of the book The Studio to be fascinating.

Perhaps, like me, you can't afford this art work by Matthias Lehmann. Still, it's nice to look at.


Matt Madden shares an amusing one-pager he did for a French magazine (above).

Still in the Valentine's Day spirit, Love the Line posts a Krystine Kryttre strip from way back in the day. (Whatever happened to Kyttre anyway? Someone get her to do some more comics.)

I've plugged the site before, but Allan Holtz's Strippers Guide is always worth a mention. Here's a collection of Looy Dot Dope strips Johnny Devlin ghosted for Milt Gross.

Speaking of Milt Gross, here's a classic That's My Pop story from 1948, courtesy of ComicCrazys.

Apparently at one time there was nothing Alan Moore wouldn't try, even fumetti.


Here's New Yorker cartoonists and married couple Michael Maslin and Liza Donnelly talking about their work on CBS Sunday Morning. (via Dirk)

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