Freaky Friday: The Monster Stamps edition


It's not necessarily comics, but it is great cartooning: Tom Rhodes reimagines classic video game characters with amusing results.

The Book Cover Archive is exactly what it sounds like and it is awesome.

I am indebted to Tor.com for introducing me to the wonderful work of Adam McCauley. Check out those monster stamps!

[caption id="attachment_4836" align="alignright" width="105" caption="Death Rattle"]



Who doesn't like hillbilly comics? Not me, that's for damn sure.

I really liked this semi-animated comic strip about the dangers of being drunk. I'm not up on Webcomics, so I don't know if this sort of thing is used a lot, but if it's not, it should be.

I don't think I've linked to Top Shelf's line of Webcomics yet, so here's a swell one to get you started.

The other week I raved about Kyle Baker and Andy Helfer's work on The Shadow. Here's a little sample in case you never had the chance to see what I was blathering on about.

Hairy Green Eyeball shares an issue of the horror underground comics Death Rattle and Insect Fear, featuring work by Spain Rodriguez, among others.

I really wondered how Geoff Grogan put together that first issue of his indie-comic, Look Out Monsters. Now I know.

Via GoofButton: I'm not sure what any of these images have to do with France per se, but it looks cool.

Had enough of Alan Moore yet? Here's a story of his that is definitely not about the World Cup.

File this under NSFW: A collection of Johnny Ryan's gag cartoons done for Vice magazine.


Remember when Richard Sala's Invisble Hands was on MTV? Love the Line has the whole thing up for you to enjoy. Damn, I miss Liquid Television.

Darwyn Cooke Shortlisted to Have Toronto Street Named After Him

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