Frazetta's "Death Dealer" Comes Alive in April

Official Press Release

Frank Frazetta and Image Comics present the definitive story of FRANK FRAZETTA'S DEATH DEALER! The iconic paintings are brought to life like never before in this epic tale of fantasy and horror!

Critically acclaimed novelist and comics writer JOSHUA ORTEGA (THE NECROMANCER, STAR WARS) teams up with cult-favorite artists NAT JONES (SPAWN: THE DARK AGES, ROB ZOMBIE'S THE NAIL) and JAY FOTOS (SPAWN, '68) to bring you the first DEATH DEALER tale worthy of FRAZETTA's blessing-this one's been approved every step of the way by the Master himself!

"The Death Dealer is a walking legend and this series captures that perfectly," says Image Comics' Executive Director Eric Stephenson. "We were blown away by Nat, Joshua and Jay's passion for the project. Nat Jones in particular is taking his art to another level. This guy is a superstar."

FRANK FRAZETTA'S DEATH DEALER is the story two warring kingdoms and a mythical order that seeks peace between them. Nine hundred years ago, the land of Iparsia was ravaged by war between the kingdoms of Oro and Edani. As battles raged out of control, a black rider began to appear laying waste to both sides of the conflict, killing the greatest warriors as easily as the untrained combatants. This unconquerable rider was known as the Death Dealer. The kings of Oro and Edani recognized that if they did not end this war, the black rider would destroy them all. A treaty was signed in blood and the Death Dealer disappeared into the primeval forest.

Legend says that as long as Oro and Edani are at peace, the black rider will sleep. However, after ages of peace, the spectre of war has raised its bloody head once again, and the Death Dealer will not be far behind.

"This story is truly a labor of love," says writer Joshua Ortega. "All of the creators on this book have spent countless hours meeting with the Frazettas and studying Frank's work to come up with a story that was worthy of the Frazetta name. I'm really excited about the story we're telling, and getting the greenlight from Frank himself let us know that we've been doing a faithful "adaptation!" You could say that this project is a love note of sorts to the Death Dealer. A big, bloody, axe-wielding love note."

So throw on your helmet and pick up your axe, the Death Dealer is coming in April! FRANK FRAZETTA'S DEATH DEALER carries a cover price of $3.99 ships April 11 and is available through Diamond Previews (FEB071876). It features variant covers by Nat Jones, Jay Fotos and the legendary Frank Frazetta.

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