"Frankenstien Mobster" returns to the Internet

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Mark Wheatley's Frankenstein Mobster didn't just come from the body parts and minds of a departed cop and three departed mobsters. He also came from the internet, making his big debut in the popular online story in which he teamed up with Vampirella in 2003.

That original series of daily web strips garnered well over 1 million hits during the two runs of the story (first release and rerun), including over 100,000 unique visitors to the Insight Studios Group site and to the other "Tooncast" sites made the Frankie/Vampi crossover story a web event.

Now, in addition to the celebrated comic book, Frankenstein Mobster is returning to the internet for a special story arc beginning May 3, 2004.

"I'm having a great time writing and drawing this book. And on top of that the fan response to Frankie is gratifying," Wheatley said, "that and the critical acclaim for the series continues to encourage us to get the word out to even more people about the book. Working with Image Comics on all of this has been an exceptional experience."

The new web story, "Do The Wrong Thing," finds former police officer Terry Todd battling the three departed mobsters for control of their newly built body while a mother and her two children are in mortal danger from a fire.

"If you saw the Frankenstein Mobster/Vampirella crossover, then you've experienced how well Frankie lends himself to the daily strip format," Wheatley said. "If you liked that, I can't wait until you see this one! And if you haven't checked it out online yet, tune in May 3 for the new story."

The online strip can be found at www.ImageComics.com, www.SunnyFundays.com, and many other sites. Through the use of Steve Conley's "Tooncasting" code, you can also host the strip on your own site. The daily strip will run Monday through Friday for four weeks beginning May 3. If you miss a strip there will be an archive on the ISG site.

Wheatley's Image Comics series has been praised by Ain't It Cool News, CBG, iComics, Optic Verve, Sequential Tarts, Horror Comics Review and Scoop.

"This is a fun book. Remember fun? Monstros City looks like a setting that can support many different characters and plots," said The Comic Treadmill, while iComics Reviews said, "After his work as co-author of the also-enjoyable Hammer of the Gods, it's great to see Wheatley back in the saddle with a series entirely his own."

Bill Baker, writing on the Baker's Dozen site, said, "His latest endeavor, Frankenstein Mobster, promises to extend that long run while it develops a new legion of fans interested in his work."

9th Arts, Pick of the Best summed it up when they said, "Mark Wheatley is one of the under-appreciated geniuses of comics."

If you haven't already, isn't it time for you to find out how Mark Wheatley is building a better mobster?

Frankenstein Mobster #3 is in stores now. Frankenstein Mobster #5 will be available for order in the June issue of Previews and will go on sale August 4.

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