'Frankenstein Mobster' to ship with exclusive Adam Hughers art print to selected retailers

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 9 December, 2003 -- Retailers who purchased a minimum number of copies of Image Comics' FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER #1 by Mark Wheatley will be getting their Christmas early this year, courtesy of Wheatley and superstar cover artist Adam Hughes.

At the Mid Ohio Con, Hughes and Wheatley spent the better part of a night signing 1,500 copies of an exclusive art print of Hughes' cover image for his cover to FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER #0. The 9" x 12" print is on extra heavy art stock, allowing a very rich printing of Adam's movie poster style illustration.

The print was shipped from the printer in Hong Kong just in time for the signing session at the Mid Ohio Con. Retailers who qualify will have the print before Christmas. Retailers are free to keep the print or offer it for sale at any price they feel is reasonable.

"If you've ever been wondering what the difference is between high speed, mass market printing and art printing, this is a perfect example," said Wheatley. "I think we are getting top quality printing on the Frankenstein Mobster comics, but the art print is 50% more intense and dramatic."

"Diamond Comic Distributors and Image have gone the extra mile to see that this Holiday Gift event can make some fans and retailers happy," he added.

Taking the holiday spirit a step further, FM fans and readers will also have a visit from the "Frankenstein Santa." In a ground-breaking move, artist Mark Wheatley is giving away pages of original artwork from issue #1. Random copies of the FM #1 issue will have elaborate, large stickers attached to a page of the story. The lucky fan who purchases a stickered copy will find special instructions that will result in their getting signed copies of the comic book as well as the original art by Mark Wheatley for the page that is stickered. Retailers will have the chance to get an original as well, as the sticker instructions give details on how the fan should include store information when contacting Wheatley. A total of five pages of original art will be given away.

The Frankenstein Mobster used to be Terry Todd, a crusading cop for whom the law was at least a compulsion, if not more. Life as a good cop in a bad town wasn't easy, but death is apparently even harder. Now he's been revived in a patchwork body, and he finds himself sharing his own skull with three unscrupulous mobsters. Obviously, this is one Made Man you don't want to mess with.

FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER #2 is available for order in the December issue of Previews and ship on February 4, 2004. FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER #1 is on sale now.

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