"Frankenstein Mobster" One-Minute Movie now online

Official Press Release

BALTIMORE -- December 20, 2004 -- Beginning Monday December 20th a short FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER"MADE MAN" animated movie will be available for download and viewing onthe Insight Studios website: http://www.insightstudiosgroup.com/FMTRAILER/trailer.htm

The animated film runs a few seconds longer than one minute and is theresult of weeks of work by a stellar team of technicians. FRANKENSTEINMOBSTER creator Mark Wheatley is credited with art and storyboards aswell as some surprising additional elements of the film.

"A lot of the art began life in the pages of the FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER comic bookseries," says Wheatley. "I get sucked into these things thinking they will be easy, butevery image needed to be at least partially redrawn for use inanimation. A number of images were new creations just for filming."

Wheatley also was responsible for the music, sound effects andvoiceover performance.

"The return to an earlier branch of my professional work - recording music!," notes the creator. " And I've got to admit that this wasthe most fun portion of the production for me."

It had been over ten years since the creator was able to spend any significant time in hisrecording studio. For the film, Wheatley discarded his old analog recording andeffects gear and replaced everything with upscale digital equipment.

"Obviously I expect to use this wonderful new gear for more than thisone minute film," he says. "And I've already arranged one major new recordingproject. That one will take at least a year to complete. So stay tuned!"

The work of animating the film fell to Mike Anderson. Mike'scredentials as a video guru have him doing double duty as a workingindustry pro and a teacher of a new generation of students. The filmwas animated in the Macromedia FLASH program. Due to tightdeadlines the animation was completed in several marathon sessions.Mr. Anderson's quest for perfection is evident in every secondof the final film. His expert use of the FLASH program also allowed fora very small file size that should make this film available to a widesection of internet users, including those who are accessing theinternet with a dial-up connection.

Veteran film director and screenwriter Robert Tinnell acted as producerfor the FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER "MADE MAN" animated short. The film wouldnot have been possible without his firm guiding hand. Well known forhis feature films that include the Disney Channel staples KIDS OF THEROUND TABLE and FRANKENSTEIN AND ME as well as the powerful BELIEVE, Mr.Tinnell was involved in every aspect of the production.

"All I really did was make a few suggestions to Mark, says Tinnell. "Some he acted on and a few heignored."

Tinnell is increasingly becoming involved in thecomic book industry with the best selling horror graphic novels THEBLACK FOREST and the WICKED WEST also published by Image Comics. Hepioneered the use of animated films to introduce the world wide webaudience to his comics.

"There are millions of potential comic book readers on the web every day," says Tinnell. "These short movies are doing anincredible job of reaching out to those readers. And I've got first handreports of comic shops getting new customers because of these littlemovies."

The new result of the efforts by these three talented creators is a oneminute and eight second long peek into the forthcoming FRANKENSTEINMOBSTER "MADE MAN" graphic novel. Scheduled for release in early March,the Image Comics book collects the first eight issues of the criticallyacclaimed FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER series along with new story pages,extensive extra material and illustration art by a Who's Who list of topart talent in the comic book industry; Adam Hughes, Mike Wieringo,George Freeman, Jerry Ordway, Mike Oeming, Scott Morse, Angelo Torres,Alex Niño and Bernie Wrightson. Available now for pre-order throughDiamond's PREVIEWS, the book is a massive 256 pages and will beavailable in both a limited edition hardback (item code:JAN051600) aswell as a lavish trade paperback edition (item code:JAN051599).

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