'Frankenstein Mobster' debuts from Image in October

Official Press Release

[Frankenstein Mobster]ORANGE, CA -- 24 July, 2003 -- Welcome to Monstros City, a port-of-entry like many others for immigrants from around the world. As elsewhere, these newcomers are searching for a new life in the Land of the Free, and cultures mix to produce a lively, active, exciting place. This town, though, has one class of immigrant not found in other burgs…

They like to be called "Exceptionals," but many people just call them Monsters!

Mummies, Vampires, Ghouls, Trolls, Giants, Werefolk and Changelings. Like the English, European, Mediterranean, Asian and African "normals" who came before them, the "Exceptionals" wanted a land to call their own, where they could escape persecution and their children could find a better life. Instead they became second-class citizens, living in the slums known as the Dead End. These so-called Monsters are preyed on by mobsters and suspected by the police. They've waited for someone who would protect them against the criminals, someone who would champion their cause to the Law.

What they're about to get is the Frankenstein Mobster.

First Terry Todd was a police detective with a more-than-compelling need to enforce the law. Then he was dead, but that just didn't work out. Now he's been revived in a patchwork body, suddenly confronted with three unscrupulous mobsters sharing his head. His desires to help the people of his city and to forge a stronger relationship with his daughter are constantly challenged by the evil motivations of the mobsters who share his thoughts.

Readers can meet Terry Todd in FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER #0, listed on Page 119 of the Image Comics section of the August 2003 Previews from Diamond Comic Distributors. Written and illustrated by award-winning creator Mark Wheatley (HAMMER OF THE GODS), this standard format, bi-monthly, full-color, ongoing series is scheduled to begin haunting comic shops the week of October 1, 2003.

Extensive promotions -- including contests for both fans and retailers -- are planned for the series, so stay tuned for details.

"The teaser ran in HAMMER OF THE GODS #2, and between that and the ashcan I had at the Pittsburgh and San Diego Comicons, the level of fan interest and excitement about this series has really been outstanding." Wheatley said. "I've been looking forward to doing this series for a long time, and it's great to see the enthusiasm for it."

And he was quick to point out, "FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER #0 will definitely hit stores in time for Halloween!"

Wheatley's Insight Studios Group creates comics for other publishers and also publishes books, comic books and online daily and weekly comic strips under its own imprint. In addition to the recent Image Comics hits HAMMER OF THE GODS and HAMMER OF THE GODS: HAMMER HITS CHINA, Insight has played home to NAKED BRAIN, JIMGRIM and THE DEVIL AT LUDD, TITANIC TALES, and the upcoming AL WILLIAMSON ADVENTURES. Visit www.insightstudiosgroup.com and www.sunnyfundays.com.

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