Frank Quitely Signs 2-Year Exclusive with DC

Official Press Release

Fan-favorite artist Frank Quitely (THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS, New X-Men) has signed a two-year exclusive contract with DC Comics. Following his spectacular work with writer Grant Morrison on the current VERTIGO miniseries WE3, Quitely will team up with Morrison again in 2005 for the 12-issue maxiseries ALL STAR: SUPERMAN.

"My relationship with DC has never been better," says Quitely. "First THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS, then WE3, and next twelve issues of ALL STAR: SUPERMAN with Grant Morrison! I couldn't be happier about being exclusive."

"Frank's an artist's artist and an editor's dream," says Karen Berger, VP - Executive Editor, VERTIGO. "His mastery of the form, his impeccable style and his sense of detail have made him one of the most acclaimed and popular comics illustrators working today. We couldn't be happier having him exclusively to ourselves, and very much look forward to seeing more of his incredible work."

"Frank is one of comics' truly exceptional talents, and he's been gone from the DCU too long," says Dan DiDio, VP - Executive Editor, DCU. "We couldn't think of a better project, or a better hero, or a better writer for him to work with than ALL STAR: SUPERMAN."

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