Frank Quitely's Artwork Now Lines the Walls of New Glasgow Hotel

Morrison Quitely

When guests settle in at the Radisson Red hotel in Glasgow, Scotland, they'll be able to soak in the ambiance of Frank Quitely's artwork in every room.

Quitely, a Glasgow native, was commissioned to bring an artistic presence to the hotel, the first purpose-built Radisson Red hotel in Europe, which open this April at Finnieston Quay. Each of the 174 rooms and the hotel's public spaces will bear wallpaper designed by Quitely, who is famous for his work on books such as Batman, All-Star Superman, New X-Men and Jupiter's Legacy.

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“I think most people’s perception of hotels is they buy in the worst kind of art they can find from some hotel art factory,” Quitely told The Herald. However, he was eager to change this perception with Radisson Red after the hotel commissioned him to create an aesthetic based on his very unique style. “There’s a general party atmosphere with a little bit of humour,” he said of the end result, which is intended to reflect the distinctive culture of Glasgow.

Quitely works with Mark Millar on their Image Comics title Jupiter's Legacy 2, among other books.

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