Frank Miller's "Xerxes" Confirmed

At times, being a fan of Frank Miller can seem like the world's craziest guessing game. From his long-gestating superhero war on terror graphic novel to potential future volumes of the iconic "Sin City" series, the acclaimed cartoonist has a catalog of potential works in the wings. Today, the first to see the light of day was confirmed as Dark Horse announced via its Twitter page that they'll be releasing a "Xerxes" lithograph this October.

A prequel to the comic-turned-blockbuster film "300," "Xerxes" looks to tell the story of the Persian king with the tagline "They Were 300. He was one." Reached for comment on the official release of the comic itself, a spokesperson for Dark Horse said at this point no release date could be revealed, but the book will likely ship in 2011.

The 24" X 36" lithograph, drawn by Miller and colored by Dave Stewart, comes in two forms on the Dark Horse site - a $25 regular edition and a $100 limited edition signed by the artist and kept to 100 copies.

Discussed since the success of director Zack Snyder's adaptation of "300," the project now called "Xerxes" has been casually referenced as going straight to film from Miller's comic, although it's more likely that development will take some time once Dark Horse releases the actual volume.

For more on the future news of "Xerxes" from format to street date, keep checking back to CBR News!

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