Frank Miller returns with director's cut of Sin City-esque Gucci ad

Frank Miller is back behind this camera, this time for the director's cut of the Sin City-inspired television commercial for the Gucci fragrance Gucci Guilty Black, starring Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood, with a cameo by the filmmaker himself.

From the Gucci website:

Director Frank Miller is the creative genius who brought graphic novel inspiration to Hollywood cinema with the groundbreaking film Sin City. With his first collaboration with Gucci, Miller makes his first foray into the world of the advertising campaign, turning his singular vision to the small screen.

Miller elaborates: “We know these characters now and what together they are capable of doing and of being. We all think of this as a mini-movie, with this our latest episode of the storyline. The color scheme is stark: green and red light, against which our mavericks’ eyes - and intentions – of our protagonist smoulder like coals.”

The Gucci Guilty Black campaign was shot at the legendary Cinecittà Studios, birthplace of Italian cinema. Sin City creator Frank Miller once again directed the shoot, and Hollywood stars Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans reprised their roles as the Guilty lovers.In this new installment, we join our lovers on a rain-drenched night in the midst of a dark metropolis. Our hero powers towards us out of the urban gloom on a classic Norton 750 motorcycle, when a lustrous Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud suddenly appears behind him. The car surges ahead of him and swerves, coming to an abrupt halt. A door opens and our leading lady emerges, ready to claim her man.

Evan Rachel Wood observes, “What Frank wanted for Gucci Guilty Black was for my character to be lethal. Everything she touches, it’s as though she owns it. Everything is hers. She’s controlling, very strong, very mysterious. He definitely pushed my bad side out. It’s like filming a sequel,  where we all wanted to take it to the next level.”Describing his character, Chris Evans states, “Frank views him as an urban cowboy: a drifter with attitude. Everybody has a little bit of danger in them. The difference is that this man has it in spades. And, in the Gucci Guilty Black woman, he has found his perfect partner-in-crime.”

OK then. Funnily enough, I saw this linked via a motorcyle blog, who must have been quite taken with the cafe racer Evans was riding in the short. There's a brief behind-the-scenes clip of Miller to view over at Gucci's YouTube channel. He looks like a kid in a candy shop.

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