Frank Miller Explains the Origin of Superman: Year One

After having the Man of Steel iconically taken down by Batman in his landmark miniseries The Dark Knight Returns, comic book readers assumed creator Frank Miller was not a fan of Superman but the prolific writer-artist stresses that isn't the case ahead of the release of his DC Black Label miniseries Superman: Year One.

During his spotlight panel this past weekend at Baltimore Comic Con, Miller revealed that the origin of the eagerly anticipated three-issue miniseries came from a visit by DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio.

"He asked what I wanted to do next and I said, 'Superman,'" Miller explained. "I think he was surprised because, ever since Dark Knight, people thought I had it in for Superman. No, that's [Batman's perspective]. Superman was my first superhero; even before I got into comic books, it was those Max Fleischer cartoons."

Announced in March, as part of the inaugural line of DC Black Label titles, Superman: Year One reunites Miller with his Daredevil: Man Without Fear collaborator John Romita, Jr. The miniseries was originally expected to be released this past August, but has since been pushed back to a later, unannounced release date.

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Don't worry, though -- the project is still very much on track. "[Romita, Jr.] and I are well along on it," Miller confirmed, "and we're having the time of our lives."

Superman: Year One is written by Frank Miller and illustrated by John Romita, Jr. and expected to be released under the DC Black Label imprint.

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