Frank Frazetta's "Death Dealer" #1 Back to Press

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- In response to the complete sellout of FRANK FRAZETTA'S DEATH DEALER #1, Image Comics has announced that they are going back to press. Despite an incredibly healthy overprint, the demand for this issue has been greater than anticipated and fans have demanded more copies.The second printing will feature a beautiful gold foil treatment. Image and the creators of FRANK FRAZETTA'S DEATH DEALER are also giving the top ordering retailers of the first printing a special, ultra-rare FRAZETTA SEALED EDITION of FRANK FRAZETTA'S DEATH DEALER #1.

FRANK FRAZETTA'S DEATH DEALER is a dark fantasy epic that tells the story behind Frazetta's enduring archetype. The story centers on the iconic character's battle to keep war from enveloping the land of Iparsia. With big action, haunting characters and larger than life battles, FRANK FRAZETTA'S DEATH DEALER has quickly become one of Image Comics' bestselling titles.

Featuring a special gold foil logo, FRANK FRAZETTA'S DEATH DEALER #1 New Printing (MAR078063D) is available for order now with a scheduled ship date of May 9. Retailers can contact their Diamond Customer Service Representative by email at reorders@diamondcomics.com.

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