Frank Cho's "Liberty Meadows" to Feature All-New Material

Official Press Release

Orange, CA -- 26 March, 2004 -- Comic strip fans who have been anxiously awaiting new LIBERTY MEADOWS material since the strip left syndication have reason to celebrate! Frank Cho's fan favorite strip collection will begin featuring brand new material beginning with LIBERTY MEADOWS #37 this June.

Previous issues have featured a mix of old strips (often reverted back to their original uncensored form) and new ones designed to plug gaps in the story, but Cho is now back to the drawing board, producing completely original material for upcoming issues of the bi-monthly Image comic.

"It feels weird to write and draw a daily strip again," Cho admits. "Before with the luxury of reprints I only needed to write and draw 15–20 new strips per issue. Now starting with LIBERTY MEADOWS #37, I have to essentially produce a strip a day to fill each new LIBERTY MEADOWS issue. That's almost 50 strips per issue. It's like my old syndication work schedule, but without the censorship."

According to Cho, the new material will feature more character development for bad, beautiful, blonde Jen, as she and Ralph host a new public access show along the lines of "This Old House." But Jen and Ralph aren't the only LIBERTY MEADOWS characters grabbing the spotlight.

"Also," Cho adds. "Things get tense as Brandy's overbearing mother takes control of Brandy's wedding planning."

Since joining Image Comics in 2002, LIBERTY MEADOWS has consistently posted remarkably strong sales. The move to all-new material should only cement the book's lofty standing in a market dominated by full color action/adventure books.

LIBERTY MEADOWS #37 is available for order now in the April issue of Previews and is scheduled to go on sale June 9.

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