Frank Cho unveils 'The Jungle Queen'

Frank Cho has been off in the jungle, and what he's returned with is both familiar and new.

Earlier this week the artist formally announced his next major creator-owned series, The Jungle Queen. Alluded to previously in interviews and blog posts, The Jungle Queen sees Cho return to the subgenre he visited in Marvel's Shanna The She-Devil and in the indie series Cavewoman by Bud Root. While the story of The Jungle Queen is still shrouded in mystery, if you like Cho's memorable drawings of women, dinosaurs and women with dinosaurs, this looks like the book for you.

Cho posted a preview of the first The Jungle Queen story, "Lunch Time," on his website (you can see parts of it below); the full story will premiere later this year in his How to Draw Women: The Frank Cho Method instructional book. Cho says the story is a "silent issue," something he'd been looking to do for years.

"The cool thing about this short story is that the entire story is silent," he writes on his blog. "No dialogues. No word balloons. Nothing. The entire story is told graphically without any verbal aid, just through body language and action. It was a story-telling challenge worth doing."

Cho says that after the piece is published, he will work on a long-form story for either a graphic novel or miniseries.

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