Frank Cho returns to Wiener Dogs and Ducks for "Buzzboy" Cover

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Frank Cho, now working on Marvel's Mighty Avengers series, shot to fame writing and illustrating the hilarious Liberty Meadows, featuring an uproarious collection of cute girls and funny animals. Those who miss Cho's take on ducks and wiener dogs will have their thirst quenched in December, when his cover for Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule! #3, from Sky-Dog Press, hits the stands. Buzzboy and reluctant sidekick Becca are seen battling the robot wiener dogs, as a villainous Time Quake (an evil, time traveling duck) looks on.

"Frank Cho's humor and talent as a storyteller have been a great inspiration," said Buzzboy creator John Gallagher, "and that made him the perfect person to cover this particular issue of Buzzboy!" Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule! tells the tale of Buzzboy, the "World's Coolest Super Sidekick", and his quest for a new mentor, when his old one is sucked into another dimension. One part super hero action, one part goofy fun, and one part-- a heartfelt tale of what it really means to be a hero, Buzzboy asks the question: "Who knew comics could be this much fun again?"

Here's the scoop:

Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule #3 by John Gallagher, Rich Faber, and Friends

Featuring a sensational cover by FRANK CHO- Alien invaders have defeated Earth's adult heroes-now it's up to Buzzboy, the "World's Coolest Super Sidekick!" and his friends to save the day-but what about the evil robot wiener dogs? And who is that malicious mallard Time Quack-- we mean, Time Quake! "Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule!" features all-new full-color fun, comic how-to's for kids of all ages, and more! Find out why the critics call Buzzboy "...One of the best independent superhero books!"

FC, 32pgs.........................$2.99

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