Frank Cho Goes "Savage" For Marvel NOW! Round Three

Since Marvel NOW! was announced, Marvel Comics has teased its upcoming launch titles with a series of one-word teasers. The first round tacked Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, FF and Deadpool. The second covered a number of X-Men and Avengers-related titles including "Uncanny X-Force," "Avengers Arena" and more. Today, the publisher began its third round of one-word teasers, kicking things off with a Frank Cho written and drawn book for January 2013 with only a claw-marked "Savage" to indicate what the subject might be.

While "Savage" has been used to describe "She-Hulk," it seems unlikely with the coloring of the word that this title will focus on that character (although Cho has drawn her before). Considering the coloring and claw marks on the word, one of the most likely candidates for Cho to take on given his past history is Shanna the She-Devil. Cho wrote and drew a "Shanna the She-Devil" seven issue miniseries in 2005. "Savage" likely refers to the Savage Land, a location in the Marvel Universe populated by dinosaurs and two notable humans: Ka-Zar and Shanna, who adventure along with their saber toothed-tiger, Zabu. Whether Cho's series for Marvel NOW! is a follow-up to his 2005 miniseries is anyone's guess, but he certainly has experience with the locale.

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