Frank Cho debuts first image from <i>Guns and Dinos</i>

The Beatles and Jay-Z. Cowboys and Aliens. Now Guns and Dinos?

Guns And Dinos is the name of an upcoming comic series by Frank Cho, and the first image just saw the light of day over on his blog. Cho describes the story as an "action adventure time travel story" where a military base is plopped down in the dinosaur era. The cartoonist promises "tons of violence and gore," as U.S. Armed Forces go muzzle-to-snout with T. Rexes and their friends.

This is the latest in a volley of creator-owned work Cho has been lobbing to comic audiences; his new Image series 50 Girls 50 is set for release in June, and he's already announced a harsh super-hero title called Brutal with Joe Keatinge. Although he might be best known as an artist on Marvel titles like the recent New Ultimates, Cho has spent most of his adult life as writer-and-artist on Liberty Meadows, University2 and the much-talked about Shanna The She-Devil series for Marvel.

As readers of that last title can attest, Cho knows dinos -- and I can't wait to read the book!

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