Frank Cho Covers 'PvP #7'

Official Press Release

[PvP]I am excited to announce that the cover for PvP #7 was illustrated byFRANK CHO of LIBERTY MEADOWS fame.

The PvP comic strip appears daily at http://www.pvponline.com andbi-monthly in a comic book published by Dork Storm Press.

As usual, Frank has conjured a dynamic and beautiful image seemingly outof thin air. The piece depicts PvP characters Jade, Brent and Francis intheir superhero role-playing game alter egos: The Justice Eight (there'sonly three of them, but they named the group planning for expansion).

The cover was colored by Image colorist Brett Evans. Thank god forBrett, because his work is phenomenal and I can't color to save my life.

PvP #7 will be shipping in October and available in the August issue ofPREVIEWS.

Scott R. Kurtz


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