Frank Cho, Brandon Peterson Added to Hereos Con Guest List

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Always a destination stop on the summer comics convention circuit, this week Heroes Convention added luminaries Frank Cho and Brandon Peterson to its 2009 Guest List. The two join a who's who of comics' biggest names, including Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, George Perez, Jeff Smith, and dozens more.

Frank Cho has become one of the highest-profile artists working in comics today, and has worked across the comics industry on titles including Mighty Avengers, Conan The Cimmerian, and the upcoming New Ultimates, written by Jeph Loeb. Frank is returning after his first appearance at HeroesCon in 2008.

Brandon Peterson has also worked across the comics industry, most recently on titles at Marvel including Ultimate Vision, Ultimate Extinction, and as cover artist on the current War of Kings. Brandon has become a perennial fan-favorite guest at the convention over the years, and part of the tight-knit family of creators that consider HeroesCon their "home" convention.

"I've been going to the Heroes show since 2004," says Peterson, "and was always trying to convince my buddy Frank Cho to go. Last year I finally convinced him and he attended for the first time. He had such a great time at that show, this year it was easy to get him to attend again. That's what the Heroes show is like in a nutshell: once you attend it you never want to miss it again."

The two join a guest list that is growing by 5-10 names each week, and regularly tops 300 guests by the time of the convention itself. This year's HeroesCon will take place on Father's Day Weekend, June 19-21, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A Charlotte tradition since 1982, HeroesCon has quietly become one of the most popular comic book conventions in the nation, annually drawing over 10,000 fans to uptown Charlotte. With a guest list including the industry's best artists, writers, and publishers, this year's HeroesCon seems poised to exceed all the organizers' expectations. Says owner Shelton Drum, "It's humbling, the amount of support we receive from the comics community. It proves that there's still a place for a fun comics convention that you can bring your whole family to."

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