Francis Manapaul Joins The Fray With Aspen Comics' "Soulfire: Chaos Reign" #2

Official Press Release

"From the early planning stages of this series, we wanted the covers for Soulfire: Chaos Reign to be distinctive to reflect the unique nature of the book. Series artist Marcus To and colorist Peter Steigerwald blew away all of our expectations with their regular covers, capturing the theme of the series perfectly. But we also wanted to give fans a treat by bringing on special guest cover artists for each issue. Talent Caldwell returned to Aspen for issue one, and Francis Manapul follows him up with his own stunning take on issue two. Stay tuned for issue three," states Aspen Editorial Director Vince Hernandez.

Aspen's newest series Soulfire: Chaos Reign is written by Soulfire veteran J.T. Krul ( Fathom, Soulfire) and features artwork by rising talents Marcus To ( Fathom: Cannon Hawke ), Don Ho ( Fathom: Cannon Hawke , and David Moran ( Supergirl ). Soulfire: Chaos Reign viciously details the dark origins of magic in the Soulfire universe, offering a brutal tale centering on a young girl Miya, her struggle to find her mother, and her discovery of an unimaginable evil in the process.

Soulfire: Chaos Reign #2 will be in stores in September and feature a 50/50 split ratio of covers by Marcus To and Peter Steigerwald, and Francis Manapul and Peter Steigerwald. Please check www.AspenComics.com for more details.

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