Framelight Nabs Chuck Dixon's "Sword of Wood"

Official Press Release

Framelight Productions has acquired the rights to produce legendary comic book scribe, Chuck Dixon's latest work, "Sword of Wood" as a feature film along with all transmedia rights to publish the work as a comic book, videogame, and other licensed product.

"Sword of Wood," is an unpublished work by Chuck Dixon that tells the story of Viktor deHaxxen, a landed baron and Knight of Christ who battles in the Holy Lands at the time of the First Crusade. He returns home to find his manor and holdings have been raided by an army of vampires and his wife and children carried off. Now he's on a new crusade against an army of the damned. The Knight does the only thing he can, track these demons down and either rescue his family or have to execute them. Chuck Dixon is one of the most prolific authors in comic book history, having written the adventures of Batman, Punisher, Conan, and almost every other character to grace the four color pages.

"I first met Chuck in 1984 when he did 'Evangeline' for Comico," laughs Framelight's Robinson. "I worked in a comic shop at the time and he would thrill us with his stories before anyone published them. It's an honor to work with him on this one."

"Chuck's story is one that you can't get out of your head," comments Framelight's Erb. "Once I read it, I knew it would make a great film."

"This is an exciting opportunity to develop something I've created as a comic property as well as a film property" begins author Dixon. "The level of involvement with Framelight is something new for me; guys who are as knowledgeable about the comics' medium as they are about the world of movies. Sword of Wood is an idea I've been working on for a long time and I feel good letting these guys run with it."

Framelight Productions is a film production company founded by entrepreneur Robert L. Robinson, Jr., and film production executive Jeffrey D. Erb in 2008 that partners with comic book, novel and other Intellectual Property creators and owners in the process of bringing their creations to the screen. With the great magnitude of creative talent and mythologies they have created, Framelight has developed a model that revolves around the most important asset in the equation, the creators. The company has currently optioned numerous comic book properties and novels, and the pair's production credits include six feature films.

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