Fraction's "The Defenders" Comes to a Close in November

Earlier today, Marvel Comics revealed Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley as the creative team for "Fantastic Four" #1 and Fraction and Mike Allred as the writer and artist, respectively, for "FF" #1. In an interview with USA Today, Fraction revealed a number of tidbits about his upcoming work for the Marvel NOW! books with a revealing tidbit about Fraction's "The Defenders." The news outlet reports Fraction's ongoing series focusing on Red She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, Iron Fist and Doctor Strange will conclude in November with issue #12.

The publisher recently brought on Jamie McKelvie as ongoing artist for the series, beginning with "The Defenders" #8 in July. In April, Fraction teased McKelvie's arc, which may very well serve as the bookend story for the series.

"It's kind of a call back to Jack Kirby's time on 'Black Panther' where he introduced these... um... magical brass frogs? One let you travel through time and the other let you travel through space," Fraction told CBR during C2E2 2012. "That may sound nuts, but it was beautifully nuts in a way that only Kirby could deliver. Dwayne McDuffie brought them back during his run on 'Fantastic Four.' There are rumors that there's a third frog and the Guild of Antiquarians, again from Kirby's 'Panther' run, have hired Felicia Hardy to steal it for them. They inform her that she has to go to the most dangerous place in the world and steal from the most dangerous man in the world. Then they offer her a very compelling form of payment. They say, 'If this thing exists and you steal it and bring it back to us, we will let you have whatever you want. We will have the ability to literally give you whatever your heart desires. You get one wish.' So how can she say no? Meanwhile, the Defenders are racing towards the same destination, albeit for wildly different reasons."

"The Defenders" by Matt Fraction and Jamie McKelvie wraps in November.

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