Fraction & Hickman Join "Da Vinci's Demons" Season Two Staff

David S. Goyer's "Da Vinci's Demons" was renewed this week for a second season after a strong series debut on Starz, and the "Man of Steel" co-writer has big plans for next year that should come as a pleasant surprise for comic book fans. Goyer announced via his personal blog that "Avengers" steward Jonathan Hickman and "Hawkeye" scribe Matt Fraction have been hired to write two episodes of the series for the second season.

"One of the best parts of this job is that you occasionally get to call up people you admire out of the blue and ask them if they want to play in your sandbox. Sometimes, they say 'yes,'" Goyer said on his website. "So I managed to convince Starz and the powers that be to hire Matt and Jonathan on to write two episodes of Season 2 with our trusty staff. In case you don't know who Hickman and Fraction are -- they are comic gods in the indie and Marvel world."

Crossover between television and comics is hardly a new concept -- Brian K. Vaughan was a writer and producer on "Lost" during seasons 3 through 5, and artist John Cassaday directed an episode of Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse." Bringing on Fraction and Hickman to "Da Vinci's Demons" is an understandable move for Goyer, who has worked on many comic book movie screenplays and was the longtime writer on DC Comics' "JSA."

Created by Goyer, "Da Vinci's Demons" follows a 25-year-old Leonardo da Vinci and stars Tom Riley as Leonardo da Vinci, Laura Haddock as Lucrezia Donati, Blake Ritson as Count Girolamo Riario, Elliot Cowan as Lorenzo Medici, Allan Corduner as Andrea Verrocchio and Laura Pulver as Clarice Orsini. The series debuted April 12.

"Da Vinci's Demons" airs Fridays on Starz.

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