Fraction Donating Royalties from "Hawkeye" #7 to Hurricane Sandy Relief

When Marvel announced a scheduling change last week for "Hawkeye" #7, most fans and retailers assumed it was designed to allow series artist David Aja a bit of breathing room before he and writer Matt Fraction set off on the title's next major story arc. Today, however, details on the creative shift surfaced on MTV Geek with the announcement that the fill-in will feature a pair of stories -- one illustrated by Steve Lieber, the other by comics newcomer Jesse Hamm -- dealing with Hurricane Sandy hitting the Marvel U's Brooklyn and New Jersey.

But the bigger news is that Fraction has decided to donate all royalties and sales incentives he earns from the issue to Sandy relief efforts. "I'm going to donate my royalties, my incentives that I get, whatever sales bonuses that I get for how the issues sells," Fraction told Geek. "I'm gonna donate to, I presume, the Red Cross, but I've not quite got that nailed down to whom yet.

"I wanna do a little bit of good. Pick up a comic and rest assured that I['m gonna be writing a check. So, it occurred to me that this is like too successful, it could be the most painful check I'll ever write, but, you know. Make it hurt! I dare you! I dare you!"

Check back with CBR later this week with more on "Hawkeye" #7, Fraction's donation and more.

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