Fraction Discovers "Inhumanity" For Marvel

Starting this December, Marvel Comics may be giving its universe an Inhuman upgrade. According to EW.com, the Inhumans are back in a big way following the events of Jonathan Hickman's upcoming "Infinity" event in a December-launching storyline called "Inhumanity," when the Terrigen Mists are released throughout the world and activate dormant Inhuman cells. At the core of the story is a new ongoing "Inhuman" series by "Hawkeye" scribe Matt Fraction.

"Our focus characters are drawn into the palace intrigue of this shattered Inhumans Royal family. It becomes a superhero story and a mythical story, all revolving around turning the world into a world full of superheroes." Fraction told EW. "It's giving us a chance to get back to a classic Marvel metaphor of alienation," he explains. "We're telling science-fiction stories, but really it's about race, gender, sexual equality. It's a very relevant, pertinent metaphor."

As the Terrigen Mists sweep across the globe during "Inhumanity," the core Inhuman population will grow and split into factions in a "Game of Thrones"-like exploration of the history of the Inhumans. "The ashes of this royal family smolder," Fraction said. "You see who lives, who dies, who's left, and how they begin to try and rebuild. Once this city falls, all kinds of bigger things start happening."

Fraction is no stranger to the Inhumans, most recently taking them on in his Marvel NOW! series "FF" with Michael Allred, where Medusa is a main cast member. While no artist was announced for "Inhuman," EW did debut a piece by Steve McNiven, colored by Justin Ponsor, that has a number of new details -- beyond a new look for Wolverine and the recently-revealed Angela, the image includes the possible return of Nightcrawler and the resurgence of founding Guardians of the Galaxy member Yondu Udonta (who Michael Rooker is rumored to be playing in James Gunn's upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy" film).

"Inhumanity" begins in December.

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