Fraction & DeConnick Land Universal TV Deal, "Sex Criminals" Set For Adaptation

The couple plans to use their TV production company, Milkfed Criminal Masterminds, to bring other other comic creators' independent properties to the small screen.

"Sex Criminals" is among the first of the couple's projects to be in development for the small screen. The Eisner and Harvey Award-winning comic follows the story of Suzie and Jon, who both have the ability to stop time when they orgasm and decide to rob a bank using this power.

"We're always excited to usher in fresh voices to the television space, and we couldn't be more thrilled to partner with Matt and Kelly Sue, a fantastic pair whose award-winning comics are as deeply realized as they are entertaining," Universal TV EVP Bela Bajaria said in a statement.

In addition to Fraction's work on Marvel Comics' titles like "Hawkeye," "The Invincible Iron Man," "The Mighty Thor" and "Avengers Vs. X-Men," he served as a consultant on Marvel Studios' "Iron Man 2" and wrote an episode of Starz drama "Da Vinci's Demons." His past comics work also includes a slew of creator-owned series, including "ODY-C," "Casanova," "Satellite Sam," "Last of the Independents" and "Five Fists of Science."

DeConnick is best known for her work on Marvel Comics' "Captain Marvel," but she has also written creator owned series such as "Pretty Deadly" with Emma Rios and "Bitch Planet" with Valentine De Landro.

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