15 Makeovers That Make 80s Cartoon Characters Way Too Foxy

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As the expression goes, what's old is new again, and that seems especially true for the 1980s. In recent years, a number of television shows, movies and cartoons have enjoyed a big-budget reboot, even when fans didn't ask for their favorite shows to come back! The 1984 film Ghostbusters was rebooted in 2016 with an all female cast. The sitcom Full House was rebooted on Netflix in 2016 as Fuller House. Even the 1987 film Overboard with Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn is being remade in 2018 with Anna Faris. So what else is slated to make a comeback?

Here we have a number of artists that are giving us their favorite cartoon characters from the 1980s but there has to be a catch, right? Why would someone want to redraw Cheetara from the Thundercats, or photograph Jem from Jem and the Holograms? We have a collection of talented artists who put their spin on these reimagining of your favorite characters, but someone forgot to tell them to tone down the hawtness! Looks like we're cranked up to an eleven! We don't need a Doc Brown's DeLorean to time-travel; here we have 15 makeovers that make 1980s cartoon characters way too foxy!

15 R2D2 AND C3PO

When it comes to good lookin' robots, not too many names come to mind. After all, robots are here to do our hard work, fight our wars, and eventually become our overlords, so we don't know when they have time to put on something nice for us. In Star Wars, C3P0 was a protocol droid and R2D2 was an astromech, so what about this is supposed to be a turn-on?

Thanks to OniksiyaSofinikum the results leap off the page. The background indicates a desert planet, possibly Luke's home turf of Tatooine, but it's these two that are really heating things up. Who knew that gold and white body paint could cause the right kind of science-friction? Sorry, Obi Wan, but these are definitely the Droids we're looking for!


The hero Voltron was formed when five ships, shaped like lions, were brought together to form the Defender of the Universe. Although there were other versions involving cars as well as other robots, the lion version was the most well-known. Although the black lion formed the head, which Voltron pilot was responsible for its ripped abs?

In this version by Theoriginalmistajonz, Voltron looks less like five robots amalgamated together and more like a model for Hollister. The boxy lines that normally form our hero have been replaced with the curves associated with rippling muscles. This version of Voltron does not skip leg day, and when you're the Defender of the Universe, you have to be at your physical best because you never know when the next enemy, or photo shoot, is around the corner.


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is home to an assortment of odd-ball characters. Orko had no face and magically floated everywhere. Who could forget Stinkor (who smelled real bad) and Man-E-Faces (who could change his face but not his body)? In the collection of freaks that make up He-Man's world, there's one diamond-in-the-rough who really stood out.

Teela, although raised by Man-At-Arms, is actually the daughter of the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. Perhaps it does require magical powers to look as good as she does, and artist digitalgil doesn't need a magic wand to take her beauty and strength to the next level. Teela is Captain of the Royal Guard and we bow down to her, partially because we worship her and partially because we don't want her to kick our butt.


Daphne Blake could either be found in the Mystery Machine or solving crimes with Scooby and the rest of the gang. Daphne was dating Fred Jones but that didn't stop lots of boys at the time from having a crush on the resident redhead. Although her look has modified over the decades, she's never lost her love of purple, just like we've never lost our love for Daphne.

Artist killbiro depicts Daphne with an almost Mary Jane Watson vibe. She's wearing a modernized version of her outfit, and that finger on her chin makes her look like she's pondering something quite deep. Is it the answer to the next mystery, or perhaps she's wondering where the hot version of Velma went? Heck, in this version, even Scooby-Doo might be looking foxy!


When there's something strange in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Well, before you get to the Ghostbusters, you need to get through Janine Melnitz. She was the one that took all the calls and dispatched Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore on their assignments. In Ghostbusters II, her love interest switched from Egon to Louis Tully. Her romantic lead may have downgraded but her appearance definitely got an upgrade.

In this version by xeracx, we are tapping into Janine from the sequel, who is less hiding behind a desk and is assertive and bold in her red top. Slimer is hanging out in the background, but we're more focused on her retro glasses, her old school rotary phone, and her Ghostbuster pin showing her company loyalty. Did someone ask if she was a goddess? Because the answer is certainly yes!


In Batman #37, Superman and Lois Lane go out on a double date with Batman and Catwoman. This makes perfect sense because why wouldn't superheroes have social lives? Some argue that the best parts of Avengers and Justice League aren't the fighting scenes but the slower dialogue scenes when we see the characters verbally spar, question, and get to know each other. If we can see what assassins do in their spare time in Pulp Fiction, why can't we do it with superheroes?

Here we see a drawing by Misterho that shows He-Man putting the moves on Wonder Woman, and unless we're mistaken she's hanging out on the front of the Batmobile. If she's on the Batmobile, that means Batman and possibly the Justice League is nearby. Careful, He-Man, you're not only flirting with the Amazon, you're flirting with danger!


The Mario video game franchise is the best selling one of its kind of all time. He's appeared in over 200 games and has sold half a billion units worldwide. We've seen Mario racing, traveling through time, working with his brother, fighting against his evil counterpart, and even a live action version played by Bob Hoskins. So are there any versions we have yet to see?

Artist amirulhafiz seemed to think so with this Mario, who clearly looks like he's not here to play. The Rolling Stone title behind him is a great touch, and the neck tattoo, leather jacket, and the smoldering gaze he's giving us makes Mario look like a hottie. We don't know what version of Mario this is but it looks like he may be auditioning for the Walking Dead!


When we thought about the future decades ago, we pictured ourselves in flying cars, and commuting to our job either on the moon or somewhere in outer space. Our past view of the future was captured by the animated cartoon The Jetsons, which made its debut in 1962. In the show, we saw flying cars that folded into briefcases, cities that floated high above the clouds, and robot servants.

Here, artist Solomen gives Rosie the Robot a much needed overhaul. The iconic version of Rosie appeared only twice in the 1960s version of the show, but her ability to clean house and help with parenting made her in high demand in the Jetson household. Rosie also was an outdated household robot but in this new version she's all class and shine!


She-Ra or He-Man? Who is the strongest in the universe? Yes, He-Man is as unfathomably strong as he is muscular, but we think She-Ra has the advantage. She's got a flying horse for a ride, a sword that can change into any weapon she wants, and a general way about her that screams fierce. Even her alter ego of Adora makes her brother, Adam, look mad basic.

Artist Jeffach literally brings She-Ra to life. Because it's an action figure from the 1980s, the outfit could look cheesy or campy, but here it looks like She-Ra is trying to give Wonder Woman a run for her money. Her bling game is tight and now that she transformed into She-Ra, her next act is to transform her horse into Swift Wind, a flying unicorn.


Some cartoons like Looney Tunes and the Jetsons are fun because not only did we grow up watching them, but chances are so did our parents. The Flintstones is no exception, with multiple generations enjoying the exploits of this prehistoric family ever since the show premiered in 1960. There have been a healthy amount of spinoffs, even a live-action version starring John Goodman, Kyle MacLachlan and Halle Berry that premiered in 1994.

So if this was a show watched by our parents, how foxy could the characters really be? Thanks to this reimagining by Elias-Chatzoudis, we can see Betty and Wilma's classic beauty is as sexy now as it was during the time of the dinosaur. There were no cameras back then but they certainly seem like they're smiling for a selfie. A gorgeous page out of history!


Jem and the Holograms was truly outrageous, and not just because the theme song to the 1985 cartoon told us so. Jem embodied to a big degree Glam Rock (or was it Hair Metal?) and even starred in a live action movie in 2015 directed by Jon M. Chu. The show became popular thanks to the rise of Music Television around that time. We wanted our MTV as well as Jem!

This photo by LadyGiselle is a wonderfully fun throwback to the 1980s. We see fishnet stockings, bright neon clothes that are almost as bright as the neon makeup Jem is wearing. She may be on the ground but her hair is teased and sprayed way up to the sky. Fortunately, Jem can use her glitter microphone to shout over the top of her head.


How many platinum blonde characters can you think of? Silver Sable comes to mind, and in movie trailers and promotions for Avengers: Infinity War, we have yet to be explained images of Black Widow with a head of silver hair. What about Emily Hart, also known as Steelheart from the 1980s cartoon SilverHawks? Does this technically count?

SilverHawks are cyborg police officers, whose metal bodies can survive the rigors of outer space. So does Steelheart have platinum blonde hair or metal hair? Steelheart is the second strongest member of the SilverHawk team and the art by Jeffach shows just how strong and beautiful she can be. She's part animation, part homage to Fritz Lang's 1927 film Metropolis. We even love the Rayzor cameo in the back.


Sometimes when you look back on your childhood you realize just how silly you were. Some of these thoughts may revolve around childhood crushes. When you think about it, wasn't it a little silly that your crush revolved around a character from a video game, comic book, or animated show? Thanks to Jeffach we see that all of our childhood dreams were not for naught.

Providing us with the opposite of nightmare fuel, we are presented with a version of Cheetara that's quite foxy. Like most female heroes of the time, her outfit is more showy and less protective, but the drawing really captures Cheetara's fighting spirit, her strength, as well as her beauty. Sure we can call on Lion-O for help, but maybe just this once we could have Cheetara come to our rescue?


The Smurfs aired as a Saturday morning cartoon (remember those?) back in 1981. When the little blue guys first appeared, they were just that: all guys (with the exception of Smurfette). It wasn't until season 5 that they introduced more female Smurfs but until then she was the only lady. She started out with black hair but thanks to Papa Smurf was transformed into blonde. Other Smurfs became nicer to her once she lightened her hair, which caused some controversy.

You don't have to worry about competition if you're literally the only female Smurf around, but artist Scottssketches decided that Smurfette was going to bring her A-game just in case. The wind is cinematically sweeping through her hair and the grass behind her. Is that the magic of Papa Smurf, or of Smurfette's gorgeousness?


As the saying goes, if you want to look tall, hang around short people. April O'Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has always been a hottie in every iteration of her whether it's a cartoon, comic, or live action, but is it really that difficult to look good when you're hanging around giant green turtles and their rat sensei?

Even though April has always been presented as attractive, this iteration of her by Nszerdy dials it up way past eleven. The news reporter is surrounded on all sides by evil Foot Soldiers and the Turtles are there to protect her. As much as we may want to jump in to help with the rescue, we're stunned by her beauty, along with her red nails, lips and hair. Are we sure this was a kids cartoon?

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