Foxwood Falcons Pays Homage to the Justice League

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PARAMU, NJ -- Some people call it an homage. We prefer to thinking of it as "ripping off from the best."

After Hours Press's, Foxwood Falcons #1 (on sale July 11th) gives homage to the iconic cover of Justice League of America #1, originally published by DC Comics.

The Foxwood Falcons is all-ages comic book about a twelve-year-old boy whose life is turned upside-down when he learns, after his father's death, that the powers and duties of Vault Guardian are now his.

The original Justice League of America cover was illustrated in 1987 by Kevin Maguire. The Foxwood Falcons cover is illustrated and colored by Bernard Chang.

"That cover has always been one of my favorite comic covers of all time. And since this is a team book, of sorts, I was happy to ask Bernard Chang to use that layout," explains creator/writer Darren Sanchez. "If you're going to rip off a layout, rip it off from the best cover you can! Seriously, thanks to Kevin Maguire for that. And to Bernard for doing such an outstanding job."

Foxwood Falcons is a "GOONIES" meets "HARRY POTTER" type of story that will bring to mind the question, "When does the movie come out?" Selected in Wizard Magazine, as one of the "Top-40 Indie comics coming out in 2007."

Beautifully illustrated by up-and-coming artist, Mathew Tow (Impossible Tales), the Foxwood Falcons is Darren Sanchez's third, AHP mini-series. (Based on the Sanchez novel)

"As a father, I want other parents to know that Foxwood Falcons is safe reading for kids of all ages," says Sanchez. "We've created a comic that will spark the imagination of young readers. Give it a try."

Diamond Order #: MAY073133 Format: 32 page, full color Issue: #1 of 3 Writer: Darren Sanchez Artist: Mathew Tow Colors: Bernard Chang Variant by Mathew Tow

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