Fox's 'The Frankenstein Code' Changes Its Name, Again

In what's probably not a good sign, one of Fox's midseason dramas has changed its name a third time.

What began life as "Frankenstein" soon developed into "The Frankenstein Code"  before becoming "Lookinglass" in August. Now, Deadline reports, the sci-fi action series is called "Second Chance," which seems somehow appropriate.

Inspired by the Mary Shelley classic, the series centers on 75-year-old Jimmy Pritchard, who was forced resign as sheriff of Los Angeles County amid a corruption scandal. Some 15 years later, he’s killed when he stumbles upon a robbery at the home of his son, FBI Agent Duval Pritchard (Tim DeKay). However, that’s not the end for Jimmy, who’s resurrected as a younger version of himself (Rob Kazinsky) by billionaire tech-genius twins Mary Goodwin (Dilshad Vadsaria) and Otto Goodwin (Adhir Kalyan).

With a new outlook on life, and physical abilities beyond his dreams, Pritchard is given a second chance. But what will he do with it?

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